Atmospheric Sulphur Survey Earings

Atmospheric Sulphur Survey Earings

With the boxed version of the book, you would receive a more or less life size Great Tit or Canary but Great Tit earrings complete with there own little display tree were also available with which you could carry out your own tests and join in the survey. All London hallmarked sterling (925) silver


Airline Cutlery

Airline Cutlery

Forged silver cutlery, with amber decoration. Design for Emirates airline the cutlery was design to carry out the functions of a larger cutlery range, the spoon bowl and fork both have straight sides so they can carry out basic cutting tasks through soft material, and the small size means they fit comfortably on the standard sized airline tray. The form is reflects the usual suspects, Bedouin tents and sand dunes with the amber set in for htat extra bit of opulence. Of course this was prior to 9/11 doubt if they would pass today’s security restrictions.